• PageAdmin System Web site is free to download, free of charge, no time limit and function.
    PageAdmin Web site, whether the system is modular and navigation can be arbitrary, and order the deletion of the layout and as long as you want, through the control of the background, we can make any structure of the site.
    PageAdmin site system Div + Css standardized design, in line with the W3C standard, style and content of the complete separation, you can design their own skin to achieve Moban personalized needs.

    PageAdmin site of the main system applicable to the business category and school construction site in terms of stability, scalability, load capacity, the level of security, functionality, and so on are ahead of similar products.

    PageAdmin site system is simple, easy management, general familiar with the operation of the computer, you can make a professional business Web site.

    PageAdmin site system. Net development, as the current strong language Web site development, security and functionality ASP and PHP is second to none.

    PageAdmin site system support static URL, you can set the background static URL of output, more conducive to the search engine included


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